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Woodies Too

Woodies Too is a great place for the kids with a big open seating area and lots of room. It’s pretty straight-foreward fare and we found the no-frills burgers and cheesesteaks to be the best bet. Shakes were yummy and service was friendly with everything cooked to order. We weren’t thrilled with the “mushy” fries and the wings weren’t nearly on par with the Chicken and the Egg. Now the wing thing might be because once you’ve had Chegg wings you can never go back to anything else… but I rarely leave food around and in this case I did.

  • Rating: ♥♥♥
  • Hours: 10am-? Sun-Tue Closed Mon
  • Phone: 609-492-1189
  • Website: Click here
  • Menu: Click here and in the binder

California Grill & Pizza

So this was the first place we ate at post-Sandy when coming to check that everything was ok…. by far the best chowder I’ve ever had!!!