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Howard’s Restaurant

Howard’s is more of an upscale experience compared to most other places we’ve been on the island. I’ve only had one experience here and it was average. We did a take out and asked for something a little off-menu which may have been the problem but the food was ok and by no means outstanding. Admittedly we didn’t get to dig-in to piping hot food as we had a toddler meltdown to deal with first but I wasn’t blown away by the fare. We’ll try again when we can sit and have a proper meal and I’ll add to this write-up. Most of the entrees are $25+ so be forewarned.

  • Rating: ♥♥♥
  • Hours: 5pm-9pm Daily
  • Phone: 609-492-2319
  • Website: Click here
  • Menu: Click here and in the binder

California Grill & Pizza

So this was the first place we ate at post-Sandy when coming to check that everything was ok…. by far the best chowder I’ve ever had!!!